Facial Cosmetic Surgery

Your face helps you make a good first impression, it expresses joy, and it is what most people remember when they think of you. Feeling unhappy with the appearance of your face can affect your life in countless ways. Whether you’d like to look younger and refreshed or you’d like to improve the balance of your facial features, you can achieve your goals in Sonoma and Marin County with facial plastic surgery from facial plastic surgeon Dr. Victor Lacombe.


Dr. Lacombe specializes in facial plastic surgery procedures, including:

Brow Lift: to refresh the appearance of drooping or sagging brows.

Eyelid Lift: to brighten your eye area, helping you appear more approachable and alert.

Face & Neck Lift: to address loose skin, fat deposits, neck lines, wrinkles, and jowls.

Nose Surgery: to bring your nose back into balance with the rest of your facial features.

Ear Surgery: to alleviate the embarrassment of protruding ears, for children and adults.

You Have Options

Dr. Lacombe also offers non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedures that can provide beautiful results without the expense or downtime of surgery. He teaches other physicians across the U.S. and in Santa Rosa about BOTOX® Cosmetic and injectable fillers such as Restylane®JUVÉDERM®, JUVÉDERM® VOLUMA XC and Sculptra® Aesthetic. He is also skilled in the use of cosmetic lasers and Thermage®.

Accredited In-Office Surgical Suitebest plastic surgeon in sonoma county facelift necklist botox juvederm voluma restylane

Unlike other Plastic Surgeons who use local hospital facilities, all of Dr. Lacombe’s plastic surgeries are performed in our private, in-office surgical suite where we provide the highest standard of safety, care, and privacy. Our surgical suite is fully accredited through the Institute for Medical Quality and features state of the art equipment.

Santa Rosa Plastic Surgery Suite

People are always asking me how old I am! First of all, I’m not going to answer that question… well at least not on the radio. But I will tell you, the other day, I was doing the weather on TV, and one of the camera crew snapped a candid photo of me. Why do I want to thank Dr. Victor Lacombe? It’s because of that photo! When I saw it, I thought, I look the way I feel ~refreshed! And it’s been over a year since I first had a little “something something” done! Thank you Dr. Lacombe! This photo showed me how others see me.


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