Man receiving botox injection

The numbers are coming in and one thing is becoming clear, more men are getting Botox injections now than ever before. A study completed by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reported that the number of men who had received Botox injections in 2016 was over 450,000, accounting for nearly 10% of total injections for the year (men and women). A growth of over 300% since the year 2000.

The times they are a changing and many stigmas surrounding men and cosmetic procedures are rapidly disappearing. Hitting the gym? Fine. Watching those calories? Fine. Stopping by for a quick Botox injection over lunch? Well, that’s just fine too.

Because, Why Not?

In fact, one of several reasons for the increase in men seeking these procedures; it’s quick, it’s easy, and it can be as subtle as they’d like. Which has always been a goal of getting Botox injections. To smooth out and refresh one’s appearance without anyone being able to notice.

But one of the biggest motivators cited by plastic surgeons is competition in the workplace. With many postponing retirement, there exists a new desire to stay competitive and to look the part of the capable professional. Which makes sense when you compare that to the largest demographic of men getting Botox injections, age 35 to 65. A combination of years of work experience with a confident and vibrant appearance is a real motivator for many men.

Is Botox Different for Men?

No, it’s really not. The entire procedure is still a series of injections into key areas of ones face to smooth lines and prevent wrinkles. One main difference though is the size of the doses. Men, in general, tend to have stronger and larger muscles than women, this can mean it takes more Botox to achieve the same results.

Because of this, Botox procedures can be a bit more expensive for men than they are for women. But you should keep in mind that an experienced and skilled injector will make the best use of the least amount of product and the actual amount used will be determined case by case.

Most Common Treatment Areas?

Not very unlike women, some of the most common areas men are getting Botox injections are shared. Around the furrow in between the eyebrows, many patients have cited this as getting rid of “angry eyes”. Primarily making them appear to be more friendly and approachable. It is also quite common for men to get injections that reduce the horizontal lines on their foreheads as well as wrinkles that appear around the corners of the eyes (crows feet).

How Long Will Botox Last for Men?

Botox will typically last just as long for men as it will for women, which is 3 to 6 months. Even with the possibly larger doses meant to compensate for larger muscles. Botox is still metabolized the same way and individual results will vary slightly from person to person.

Consider This…

The truth is that Botox is being used by men for many of the same reasons as women. To smooth lines and wrinkles in order to boost confidence and appear more vibrant and refreshed. To improve both their personal and professional lives. With the taboo surrounding cosmetic procedures falling by the wayside, more and more people are stepping up to say “me too”.

If you’re considering a Botox procedure for whichever reason, the talented and skilled physicians at Artemedica are more than happy to provide you with a comprehensive consultation. Please call or contact us online today to get started.