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EmSculpt® in Santa Rosa

Introducing the world’s only non-invasive body shaping procedure that can simultaneously build muscle while eliminating fat. For many, diet and exercise alone do not go far enough to build and maintain the physique we desire. EmSculpt® is a cutting-edge option for building muscle while reducing stubborn pockets of fat without ever committing to surgery.

Artemedica is proud to be the first provider to bring Santa Rosa and the Greater Sonoma County Area this state-of-the-art body contouring procedure.

How EmSculpt® Works

Current (non-invasive) body shaping therapies primarily address unwanted fat. With EmSculpt®, anyone can eliminate fat AND build muscle to achieve a more toned, fit appearance.

The treatment works using non-invasive HIFEM (High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic) technology that induces supramaximal muscle contractions. Your muscles get an intense workout not achievable through regular exercise. When muscle tissue is exposed to supramaximal contractions, it adapts to the focused workout by reshaping its inner structure. The results are increased muscle mass and accelerated fat reduction.

The Procedure

During your EmSculpt procedure, you will lie down comfortably while your trained practitioner applies the body sculpting applicators to your treatment area. Through the pads, the electromagnetic energy is delivered, prompting the supramaximal muscle contractions.

Small EmSculpt® Applicator (20 Minute Treatments)

  • Arms – The EmSculpt® small applicator for arms is now available at Artemedica for women and men who are looking to define their triceps and biceps.
  • Lower Legs – The small applicator can also be used on calves for those looking to tone their lower legs.

woman laying on her stomach receive the emsculpt treatment on her upper arms

Large EmSculpt® Applicator (30 Minute Treatments)

  • Abdomen – With the EmSculpt® large applicator, it feels like an intensive workout. A single 30-minute session is comparable to 20,000 voluntary crunches. No pain, only gain.
  • Thighs – The large applicator can also help tone thighs.
  • Buttocks – EmSculpt® technology has resulted in the world’s very first non-invasive butt lift procedure.
    infographic showing comparison between traditional fat loss with exercise and fat loss with coolsculpting

It is recommended you receive a minimum of 4 sessions to achieve desired results. Sessions are normally scheduled 2-3 days apart and we will help you create a custom plan to meet your specific goals.

Because the EmSculpt procedure is completely non-invasive, there will be no recovery time or any post-treatment preparation. You may return to work or your daily activities feeling as if you finished a workout at the gym.

The Results

The initial results are felt immediately following treatment as you will leave our office feeling your muscles have been worked. Visible results have typically been reported two to four weeks following your last session and may continue to improve for several weeks after finishing treatment.

The success and safety of EmSculpt® have been thoroughly tested by proven medical methods featuring MRI, CT, US, and Histology across seven independent scientific studies throughout the United States. On average, patients reported a 19% reduction of fat, a 16% increase in muscle mass, and a score of 96% in patient satisfaction.

emsculpt available at artemedica in sonoma county

Candidates for EmSculpt®

Since EmSculpt® is not only about reducing fat, fitting candidates include both men and women who wish to improve the shape, tone, and appearance of their stomach or buttocks. The treatment is fast becoming an ideal way to increase muscle mass and fat metabolism in a pain-free, non-invasive way.

EmSculpt® is a safe, non-invasive treatment making just about anyone looking to improve the shape and contour of their body a good candidate.

EmSculpt® at Artemedica

Build muscle and burn fat without ever breaking a sweat. The best way to get started is to contact a certified physician to discuss your personal goals and to determine your candidacy for EmSculpt®.

artemedica staff standing behind patient receiving emsculpt treatment on her upper arms

If you’re considering an EmSculpt® procedure, please call or fill out the form below to schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. Victor Lacombe and his team. Together we will define your treatment outcomes and answer any questions you may have.

EmSculpt® in the Media

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US FDA Clearances

Emsculpt® is intended for improvement of abdominal tone, strengthening of the abdominal muscles, development of firmer abdomen. Strengthening, toning and firming of buttocks,  thighs, and calves. Improvement of muscle tone and firmness, for strengthening muscles in arms.
BTL®, EMSCULPT NEO®, EMSCULPT®, EMSELLA®, Exilis®, EMTONE®, HIFEM®, Vanquish® are registered trademarks in the United States of America, the European Union and/or other countries. Trademarks EMSCULPT NEO®, EMSCULPT®, EMSELLA®, EMFEMME 360™, EMTONE®, EM® and HIFEM® are parts of EM Family of products.
** Results and patient experience may vary.
As with any medical procedure, ask your doctor if the procedure is right for you. Patient names have been changed for their privacy.

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Roderic Wallace Trusts Dr. Victor Lacombe

“Probably one of Dr. Lacombe’s greatest assets is his intuitive understanding of what it takes to create a very natural yet aesthetically pleasing result. In my case, a brow lift opened up my eyes, a subtle lift to the tip of my drooping nose dealt with the negative effects of gravity, a small chin implant balanced a newly sculpted neck and stronger jaw line… yes, a number of procedures done at one time, but oh so worth it in the long run. I can enthusiastically endorse Victor as one of the finest plastic surgeons around.*”

*Individual results may vary

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