2015 resolutions

It’s the beginning of a New Year, and our staff is sharing their skin care tips and must-have products that help them love the skin they’re in!

One of the resolutions many people make is to take better care of their body but many people aren’t focused as much on their skin. Since skin is the largest organ of your body, it should also be included in your resolution. If taking care of your body is one of your resolutions, we are here to help! Below are our some of our staff member’s recommendations.

These are products/treatments that we love and use ourselves:

happy artemedica esthetician, christina

Cristina – Problematic Skin

I’ve been using Skin Medica’s .25% Retinol for over a year now, and I love what it’s done for my skin! It’s gentle enough to use nightly on my face, neck and décolletage, without any irritation or down time. It really helps to maintain the “glow”, that everyone wants! Adding Microdermabrasion treatments with topical infusions every 6 weeks help to make my skin even smoother and clearer.


Sarah – Hyperpigmentation Issues (Brown Spots)happy artemedica esthetician, Sarah

My favorite product is Lytera. It keeps my skin feeling bright and smooth. Following both of my pregnancies, I had severe melasma and found that no matter what I put on my skin it would not go away. It’s helped with my pigmentation issues over time and my skin now has a much more even tone. To get that one-two punch I also recommend (if you are not pregnant or breast feeding) a prescription product that includes Hydroquinone.


happy artemedica esthetician, MariellaMariella, 46 years old – Sun-Damaged Skin

My beauty secret is good maintenance with the right products. I love the TNS Essential Serum by Skinmedica because it incorporates everything I need in one step. The growth factors make my skin firm and smooth and keeps it looking young and at the same time taking away that “tired” look. The rich antioxidants and peptides keep my skin glowing and luminous. I find that combining it with the appropriate Retinol gives me the best results. I believe that every single person who desires to keep their skin young and healthy NEEDS to be on a Retinol! Lastly, I like to incorporate a series of chemical peels followed up by maintenance of at least 2 peels a year.


Rebecca – Dry and Reactive Skinhappy artemedica esthetician, Rebecca

The best beauty tips that I have discovered for my skin have been SkinMedica’s TNS Essential Serum and the Derma Pen treatment. For my extremely dry and reactive over 50 skin, the combination of the two has been a game changer for me.  After finishing the first bottle and the first series of treatments, my skin is no longer extremely dry or as reactive.


Danielle – Acne-Prone Skinhappy artemedica esthetician, Danielle

My beauty secret to keep me loving my skin is using a Retin-A product, I like HQRA, it contains hydroquinone to lighten pigmentation and .05% tretinoin witch is a prescription strength retin-a. I use this product 3 times a week.

The trick is to use this product at night alone on completely dry skin to reduce irritation. The results I have seen on my skin have been amazing! Lessened fine lines, lightened pigmentation (sun damage) and the constant exfoliation of dead skin cells leaves my skin with a glow and free of breakouts and prolongs the aging process

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