We are excited to announce the addition of The Non-Surgical Scarless Breast Lift to Dr. Michelle Eagan’s Body & Breast Surgery services.


Whether your breasts have begun to sag due to pregnancy, aging or weight loss, surgical breast lift surgery can leave visible scars and in most cases require general anesthesia. Typically, scars are visible on the bottom half of the breast and/or around the nipple. Now there is an alternative to a surgical breast lift that is performed by Dr. Michelle Eagan at Santa Rosa’s Artemedica. Using a device called ThermiTight, Dr. Eagan is able to emit Radio Frequency underneath the skin of the breast to heat it to a controlled temperature which tightens and smooths the skin, creating a lift.


ThermiTight works best for women whose breasts are small in size. The treatment cannot be performed on women who have significant sized breasts, maximum sagging or already have breast implants. The non-surgical scarless breast lift is performed under local anesthesia in our Sonoma County, California office and will leave you with no surgical scars. This procedure is ideal for patients who are seeking an alternative to the surgical breast lift (mastopexy).

Dr. Michelle Eagan is the first plastic surgeon in the Bay Area to perform the non-surgical scarless breast lift with the ThermiTight procedure.

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