Skin damage due to sun exposure is one of the most common skin care problems there is. We love a good beach day as much as anyone, but too much sun exposure can ultimately damage your skin. At Artemedica, we are proud to provide Reveal Imager Skin Care Consultations at our new Skin & Sun Bar that will help turn back the clock. With high-end technology and our expertise, our clients will be given the personalized opportunity to see clearly the damaged areas and receive a custom skincare treatment plan.

Is your skin plagued by sun damage? Never fear- We’ve created our very own sun damaged skin survival guide to give you both the facts and fixes to maintaining healthy skin.

Skin Damage Causes and Symptoms

The most noticeable signs of skin damage include:

  • Noticeable spots on the skin surface
  • Sunburn redness, pain, and tenderness of the skin
  • Red blotches and bumps on the face, which may be a sign of Rosacea due to sun exposure
  • A significant increase in wrinkles around the eyes and lips
  • Significantly dry skin

One of the top causes of skin damage is sun exposure, however, there are different frequencies and components of the sun which can differ in the symptoms or level of damage your skin experiences.

Main causes of skin damage from the sun include:

  • Free radicals – Free radicals damage the skin by removing electrons from atoms in the skin and ultimately damaging the DNA makeup.
  • Powerful UV Rays – Out of the three main UV rays, UVA and UVB lead to harmful skin damage and potentially cancer.
  • Collagen Breakdown – UV rays speed up the breakdown of collagen by penetrating the skin layer.

How to Treat Your Sun Damaged Skin

The best way to remedy with sun damaged skin is to seek out the help of a licensed skin professional. There are also steps you can be taking at home to prevent future sun damage and help lessens the signs and symptoms you may be experiencing.

SPF Sunscreen

Seek out sunscreen with a high SPF value for increased protection from the sun. Some of our favorite options include Protect Tinted Sunscreen from our Green Tea Collection, SkinMedica’s Total Defense & Repair and the Sunforgettable Mineral Sunscreen Brush.

Retinol Creams

Retinol is a vitamin derivative that boosts collagen and reduces fine lines, fixing sun damaged skin. Our favorite retinol products include Lytera Advanced Pigment Correction system (which includes both a brightener and a retinol, along with other products to help with reversing pigmentation) and Alastin Retinol which is great for the new-Retinol users.

In-Office Laser Resurfacing & Laser Pigmentation Treatment

Laser skin care options like in-office laser resurfacing, weekend laser peels  and laser pigmentation treatments improve sun-damaged and aging skin by removing unwanted pigment and age spots. Depending on the strength of the laser you choose, downtime varies from 1-7 days.

Artemedica Spa Treatments 

Treatments at Artemedica Spa are ideal for treating and rejuvenating sun damaged skin with little to no downtime . We recommend treatments like HydraFacialMD or Chemical Peels which both work to repair skin damage and improve skin tone and texture concerns.

Experience Flawless Skin Today

If you would like to experience our new Skin and Sun Bar or receive a personalized treatment plan for sun damaged skin, please call or contact us online. Our professional plastic surgeon, along with talented staff, will provide you with a personal and customized treatment plan.. Let us help you on your beauty journey to rejuvenated, healthy skin.