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Man and woman celebrate after getting MiraDry at Artemedica's 2019 Lunch & Learn Event

Our 2019 Lunch & Learn Event takes place August 28th, 2019 from 11:00am-2:00pm

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Learn how this innovative treatment is changing lives nation-wide by helping control embarrassing underarm sweat and odor.

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MiraDry Can Put an End to Sweat and Odor

Did you know that as many as 37 million people in the US are bothered by excessive underarm sweat?

Get lasting results from this quick, non-invasive procedure performed in-office in less than 1 hour. FDA approved and clinically tested, the miraDry procedure uses precisely controlled energy to eliminate underarm sweat glands. Other treatment options such as antiperspirants only temporarily disable sweat glands for various durations and surgical options carry with them a certain level of risk. But with a miraDry procedure, you can safely and effectively eliminate underarm sweating by as much as 80-90%.

Oh, and did we mention the results are permanent? Because they are. Reliance on deodorants or antiperspirants will be remarkably reduced or eliminated.

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