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Are you tired of wasting money on department store skincare products that promise to erase wrinkles and remove brown spots but don’t deliver on those promises? At Artemedica our goal is to help you look and feel your best with safe and efficient products & treatments that offer noticeable and lasting results!

With advanced laser technology, our expert technicians are proud to offer all our Sonoma County patients a variety of laser skin treatment services. These laser procedures are non-invasive solutions that address a wide range of skin concerns on and around your face.

Read on to learn more about our top three most popular laser skin treatments that leave your skin looking and feeling younger and more radiant!

1. Clear and Brilliant Laser Skin Treatments Rejuvenate Your Face, Neck & Chest

Clear and Brilliant is easily one of the most favored laser skin treatments available at Artemedica. This minimally invasive treatment can leave your skin noticeably smoother and rejuvenated for months at a time. Advanced Clear and Brilliant laser technology gently stimulates the upper layer of your skin encouraging these damaged areas to generate new tissue growth. Leaving you with healthy, radiant, and younger-looking skin.

Clear and Brilliant Laser Skin Treatments

woman receiving laser skin care treatment clear and brilliant permea

Clear and Brilliant treatments are gentle and quick, lasting no more than thirty minutes per session. After your procedure, you can begin to see immediate and progressive results. The skin in your treatment areas will feel softer and appear more smooth and even-toned. Within one to two weeks, you will notice your skin has a naturally radiant glow. We recommend a series of treatments for optimal results.

Benefits of Clear and Brilliant Laser Skin Treatments
– Lessen signs of aging
– Diminish the appearance of fine lines
– Improve skin tone & texture
– Reduce the appearance of pores
– Improve your skin’s overall appearance
– Minimally invasive with no downtime required

Learn more about all the amazing benefits and the advanced laser technology of Clear + Brilliant
skin rejuvenation treatments in our earlier blog post

2. Vivace Microneedling Facial Rejuvenation Treatments

Vivace RF Microneedling is one of the most advanced facial rejuvenation treatments available and the newest laser treatment we offer. Our expert Vivace technicians at Artemedica deliver a combination of Radio Frequency (RF) energies, LED light therapy, and Microneedling over the surface of your face to instantly improve the appearance and texture of your skin. This advanced technology stimulates your body’s natural collagen production, instantly resulting in a visible reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, and other blemishes.

Vivace Microneedling Skin Treatments

vivace fractional micro needle rf applicator tip

Vivace RF Microneedling is the latest non-surgical treatment proven to dramatically improve the look and feel of your skin with one treatment. Vivace treatments begin with a Personalized Compounded Numbing Cream application to your treatment area. This high- grade numbing cream will ensure that you are comfortable throughout your entire Vivace Microneedling treatment.

The RF energy is delivered directly into your skin through very fine gold-tipped microneedles. This painlessly stimulates your skin’s natural production of collagen, reverses signs of aging, and damage. The LED light therapy reduces swelling and redness, allowing you to easily return to your daily routine without interruption. For optimal results, we recommend a series of treatments.

Benefits of Vivace RF Microneedling Skin Rejuvenation Treatments
– Visibly minimize pore size
– Softens wrinkles
– Reduces fine lines
– Reduce acne scarring
– Evens skin tone & texture
– No downtime required
– Virtually pain-free

Learn all about the amazing benefits of Vivace Microneedling with our detailed guide.

3. Laser Pigmentation Treatments for Your Face

Our bodies can naturally produce various pigments or spots for a number of reasons – stress, sun exposure, hormones, etc. For the many of us struggling to feel comfortable with hyperpigmentation or “brown/age spots” – especially on our faces – long-term solutions are essential.

Luckily, with Laser Pigmentation Treatments these very common types of skin marks can be safely, almost painlessly, and effectively removed.

Laser Pigmentation Treatments

before and after laser pigmentation treatment

During pigmentation treatments, the laser’s light energy removes the appropriate pigmented skin cells, resulting in a more even skin complexion. The laser light does not affect any other areas aside from the targeted spots, causing no damage and little pain during treatment.

Immediate after-effects of laser pigmentation treatments – if any – are typically minor and vary patient to patient. Most patients report slight redness, possible swelling, and sometimes tenderness, all of which should disappear within hours. We recommend a series of treatments, which will leave your skin more even-toned in.

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