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Many women and female-presenting individuals are openly candid about breast or buttock augmentation. However, there’s another type of augmentation that many aren’t willing to discuss in public: labiaplasty. In fact, quite a few individuals are self-conscious about the appearance of their vagina. Some even experience pain and irritation. Labiaplasty can help address these concerns while rerevitalizing your femininity.  

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What is labiaplasty? 

Labiaplasty is the most commonly performed aesthetic genital plastic surgery. This surgical procedure reduces the length of the labia minora (inner lips) so that they don’t hang below the labia majora (outer lips). It can be performed either symmetrically to treat both labia or asymmetrically when one is longer than the other.  

Many women request labiaplasty for various reasons ranging from aesthetics to comfort. Some women may be self-conscious of the way their labia look in tight fitting clothes, or they may worry about them falling out of a bathing suit. Other women experience twisting, tugging and chafing during intercourse and even everyday activities like walking and biking. By trimming the labia, labiaplasty can help alleviate pain, itching, irritation and self-consciousness due to twisting and tugging of the labia. 

What are the risks associated with labiaplasty? 

Like any surgical procedure, there are risks associated with undergoing labiaplasty. However, it is a very safe, very common surgery. The most common complication is over-resection (cutting away too much) which can happen when patients want aggressive reduction. As a result, over resection can cause chronic dryness, scarring and pain during intercourse. That’s why Dr. Tran will work with you to decide on a procedure that achieves your desired results while mitigating any risks or potential side effects. She will honor your wishes while keeping your overall health and satisfaction in mind. 

Recovery after labiaplasty 

After your procedure, you may want to take at least 1 week off to recover. During this recovery period, most patients experience some swelling, discomfort and pain which they manage with medication and cold compresses. You may also want to keep the area elevated to reduce swelling. Some patients experience residual swelling for up to 6 months post-operation. 

After your operation, avoid the use of tampons and engaging in intercourse for at least 4-6 weeks to allow for optimal healing. 

Reclaim Your Femininity; Talk to Dr. Tran about Labiaplasty at Artemedica 

If you’re bothered by overly large labia that causes you discomfort or embarrassment, consider labiaplasty. With an average satisfaction rate of over 90%, it’s not only a safe procedure, but one that can free you from pain and self-consciousness.  

Dr. Tran is a board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in breast enhancement surgery and body procedures. More than a surgeon, Dr. Tran possesses an artist’s eye for beauty and prioritizes patient care above all else. She believes in fostering a deep understanding of your unique aesthetic goals to provide a truly personalized approach to every procedure. Her approach combines a keen eye for aesthetics with advanced techniques to ensure outcomes that harmonize with every patient’s unique cosmetic goals and natural beauty.   

If you are interested in liposuction or other body plastic surgery procedures, please fill out the form below or contact our Santa Rosa surgical office at (707) 577-8292 for your free consultation. 

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“Probably one of Dr. Lacombe’s greatest assets is his intuitive understanding of what it takes to create a very natural yet aesthetically pleasing result. In my case, a brow lift opened up my eyes, a subtle lift to the tip of my drooping nose dealt with the negative effects of gravity, a small chin implant balanced a newly sculpted neck and stronger jaw line… yes, a number of procedures done at one time, but oh so worth it in the long run. I can enthusiastically endorse Victor as one of the finest plastic surgeons around.*”

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