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Comfy sweaters, warm fuzzy socks, cute knit beanies! Nothing gives wintertime vibes more than finally being able to wear all your favorite cozy clothes. But just like we switch out our wardrobe every season, transitioning your skincare routine for winter is an essential part of feeling and looking your best.

How Winter Weather Can Affect Your Skin

Colder temperatures and inclement weather can cause our skin to dry out, and make discoloration and fine lines even more apparent. Your skin can even appear more dull, drab, and less healthy in the winter.

If you find yourself battling dry skin, redness, or general irritation despite using specialized products, your skin’s protective barrier is sending you an S.O.S. Effectively treating winter skin and complexion concerns requires targeting the issues happening beneath the surface.

Our skincare specialists at Artemedica want all of our patients to look and feel their best year-round. So if you are struggling with winter complexion issues and want to restore your skin’s natural, healthy glow – read on!

Transform Your Skin this Winter with These 4 Skincare Treatments

In this guide, you will find the best facial treatments to help combat the most common winter skin concerns and target complexion issues at the source.

1. Vivace RF Microneedling

Esthetician using vivace microneedling facial treatment on client's forehead

If you are looking to visibly reduce your pore size, even your skin tone, and improve the appearance of fine lines and textures we have one word for you – Vivace! Vivace Microneedling is a non-surgical skin care treatment proven to dramatically improve the look and feel of your skin with just one treatment.

The Vivace system features superfine gold-tipped needles and Radio Frequency (RF) heat technology to stimulate your natural production of collagen and smooth away texturing. The Vivace wand also utilizes LED light therapy, to reduce swelling and redness, so you can immediately continue your daily routine without interruption.

This advanced microneedling treatment painless tightens your dermal tissue, leaving your skin looking more youthful, firm, and radiant.

2. Clear + Brilliant Laser Skin Treatments

woman receiving laser skin care treatment clear and brilliant permea

Clear and Brilliant is known worldwide as one of the most popular non-invasive laser skin treatments for men and women of all ages. With advanced laser technology, this treatment can leave your skin noticeably smoother and rejuvenated after just one session. 

This innovative laser treatment gently stimulates the upper layers of skin to generate new, healthy tissue growth in the damaged areas. In as little as one appointment patients report their skin looking and feeling smoother, glowing, and more radiant.

With interchangeable headpieces, you can personalize your treatments to target specific skin and complexion concerns. The entire Clear + Brilliant system is optimized to improve skin tone and texture while also enhancing your skin’s ability to absorb the nourishing benefits of topical skincare products.

3. DiamondGlow Facial Dermabrasion

Esthetician using DiamondGlow facial treatment on client's forehead

DiamondGlow treatments work to restore the health of your skin barrier by cleansing away built-up debris and targeting the issues happening beneath the surface. This dermabrasion therapy is a non-invasive exfoliating treatment that painlessly removes dull, dry, congested skin while also infusing your dermal tissues with nutrient-dense serums.

With six levels of diamond dermabrasion – yes literal diamonds! –  and five professional-grade SkinMedica serums to choose from, our DiamondGlow specialists tailor each spa treatment to your specific concern.

Our patients report their skin appears more radiant, plump, and youthful immediately after each session. DiamondGlow facial treatments also enable your skin to fully absorb skincare products more efficiently to ensure long-lasting results.

4. Dermaplaning with Vitalize Chemical Peel Treatments

Esthetician using dermaplaning with vitalize peel facial treatment on client's cheek

During the winter months, your skin can become much more dry and irritated, making signs of aging, texturing, and discoloration even more noticeable. Vitalize is our most popular chemical peel and is a great treatment choice for all skin types and complexion concerns. This chemical peel, combined with a Dermaplaning treatment, is great for patients struggling with many skin conditions including sun damage, melasma, acne, acne scarring, wrinkles.

Our Dermaplaning with Vitalize Peel treatments helps by removing a thin layer of dead skin so that your peel penetrates deeper. Combining the two treatments enhances results even more – leaving you with smoother, more radiant skin.

Plus, receiving chemical peels during the winter months can ensure your skin is less vulnerable to harmful UV rays and heat making your recovery time more comfortable.

Rejuvenate Your Skin this Winter with Personalized Skin Treatments at Artemedica

If you want to visibly improve the look and feel of your skin, our skincare experts are here to help. All of our skincare treatments can be customized to treat a wide range of concerns and help you achieve healthy, glowing skin in as little as one treatment.

Take the first step towards your skin goals this winter by scheduling an appointment online to meet with an Artemedica skincare specialist today.