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Photodynamic Therapy

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Photodynamic therapy is changing the game when it comes to treating acne and skin rejuvenation. It’s a great option for those looking for serious results in a non-invasive treatment form. Whether you’re concerned with premature aging or acne and oil production, this revolutionary skincare treatment available at Artemedica can help. 

woman receives red light therapy at a medical spa
woman receives blue light therapy at a medical spa

What is photodynamic therapy? 

Photodynamic therapy combines light with a photosensitive agent for a more targeted, concentrated treatment. Using specific light wavelengths in combination with medical-grade topical solutions, our aestheticians can treat acne, actinic keratosis, psoriasis and even rejuvenate skin. 

Can’t I do LED light therapy at home? 

But what about at-home LED light therapy devices? Sure, you could certainly buy a $100 dollar device for at-home use. However, the results won’t be nearly as significant or long-lasting. In-off photodynamic therapy administered by trained aestheticians provides results that an at-home device simply cannot achieve. Medical spas like Artemedica can use medical-grade products and advanced devices which you won’t find outside clinic-use. 

What to expect at your appointment 

Before your scheduled appointment, our team will provide you with instructions on preparing for your treatment which may include a list of things to avoid the day of and following treatment: certain medications, skincare products, direct sunlight, etc. They will also work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan including the number of treatments necessary to achieve your unique skincare goals.  

On the day of your appointment, one of our providers will prepare your skin for treatment. Afterwards they will apply the photosensitizing agent. Once absorbed, the targeted area will be exposed to a specific wavelength of light for a set amount of time. During this exposure, the light used will activate the photosensitive agent so it can get to work treating your skin concerns.  

After your appointment, you may experience mild inflammation, swelling and peeling which should stop after a few days or weeks. We ask that you avoid direct sunlight, makeup and any irritating skincare products. Opt instead for a gentle cleanser and moisturizer. Our providers can recommend some if you’re not sure that what you have at home is appropriate.  

Types of photodynamic therapy

Phototherapy and photodynamic therapy are not a one-size-fits-all scenario. Light affects skin differently depending on the wavelength used. For instance, we all know the effects that UV light has on skin; it can cause sun damage, hyperpigmentation and premature skin aging. On the other hand, red, blue and near-infrared light can treat certain skin concerns. 

Here at Artemedica, we offer both red and blue light therapy. 

Red light therapy 

Red light therapy is perfect for those concerned with signs of aging. This form of light therapy combines red LED light with Allumera: a light-activated wrinkle cream. Our red light photodynamic therapy treatment can: 

  • Improve skin firmness 
  • Improve skin tone and texture 
  • Minimize pores 
  • Stimulate collagen production 
  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles 

Blue light therapy 

On the other hand, blue light therapy works well for treating acne and oiliness. Our blue light photodynamic therapy treatment uses blue light and Levulan to not only kill the bacteria that causes certain acne, but also shut down skin’s sebaceous glands. As a result, blue light photodynamic therapy can: 

  • Fight certain types of acne like acne vulgaris and acne rosacea 
  • Reduce acne breakouts overall 
  • Reduce oil production 
  • Unclog pores 

Photodynamic Therapy at Artemedica 

Artemedica is constantly on the lookout for next-gen, cutting-edge technology to help our patients achieve the skin of their dreams. Photodynamic therapy is one such technology. This proven, revolutionary treatment can help you eliminate your skin concerns. 

If you are interested in photodynamic therapy or other spa treatments, please fill out the form below or contact our Santa Rosa (707) 577-8292 office for your free consultation. 

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